19 years of age. This is my site, my kingdom where you will find what im influenced by where i come from and the cultures and people that inspire me to create, imagine or do what i do. I’m a project being developed this site is only the beginning of my life long journey into the career i pursue (GRAPHIC DESIGN). I wouldn’t say im a artist, im just a kid who thinks and pushes the pencil and pen in curves and twists to make a beautiful creation called art. Residing in Atlanta, I am attending Art institute in Decatur, so that I can further expand my skills in GRAPHIC DESIGN and also learn other things as well to better my skills and also be VERSATILE in everything such as SEWING, PHOTOGRAPHY, DRAWING, WEB DESIGN etc… Also im influenced by the skateboarding culture the art, style, technique I’ve been skating since between elementary transferring to middle school (NOT A POSER) , also im a weird guy people may add BUT BUT BUT weird people are mostly creative and have a wide variety of imagination. I AM MR. NORTHSTAR an this is my site.

So im very humbled to everyone who enjoys my site and what I put up. THANK YOU


2 thoughts on “About

    • When I made the site, I made it for to put up things that I like, not for the people, but the people liked the things I put up so hey I guess they enjoy the things I find daily.

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